Our Values

In running the Charities, we are committed to

  • Excellence, Professionalism and Integrity in everything we do
  • Compassion, Respect and Fairness towards beneficiaries, other stakeholders and staff
  • Inclusiveness, Diversity and Heritage
  • Openness and transparency, Accountability and Sustainability in the way we run the charities

We strive for Excellence and act with Professionalism and Integrity in everything we do, by
  • meeting high standards – consistently
  • improving and developing our governance, services and staff
  • welcoming, and responding positively and in a timely way to, feedback from our residents
  • learning from our mistakes and putting things right if we fall short

We demonstrate Compassion, Respect and Fairness towards our beneficiaries, other stakeholders, and staff, by
  • caring about people, and treating all with kindness and understanding
  • respecting and responding to people’s needs and views, and treating all with dignity and courtesy
  • treating all fairly and even-handedly
  • allocating accommodation and grants on the basis of objective assessments

We value Inclusiveness, Diversity and our Heritage, by
  • creating a friendly and welcoming environment
  • encouraging a sense of community and good neighbourliness
  • encouraging contributions from and participation by all our residents
  • respecting diversity in residents’ preferences, lifestyles, faiths and beliefs
  • reflecting the diversity of the local communities we serve
  • celebrating our nearly 600 years-old Christian roots and tradition

We demonstrate our commitment to Openness and transparency, Accountability and Sustainability in the way we run the charities, by
  • engaging effectively with our residents and their families, other stakeholders and staff, consulting them about significant plans and policies and responding to their views
  • communicating effectively our decisions and actions, and the reasons for them, and being open about, and accountable for, them
  • being honest and straightforward in all our dealings
  • working together and in collaboration with others to secure the best results
  • working pragmatically, applying the simplest and most practical solutions to problems, and minimising bureaucracy
  • using resources responsibly
  • protecting our inheritance and securing the long term future of the charities

Our vision is to improve the quality of life of older people and others in need in our communities

Our Vision Our Vision

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