Our Values


✔ we respect and treat people as we would like to be treated ourselves

✔ we are honest and straightforward in all our dealings

✔ we are accountable for our decisions and actions

✔ we learn from our mistakes and put things right when we fall short


✔ we support people, and it underpins all our decisions and actions

✔ we treat all with kindness and understanding

✔ we respond to people’s needs and views with empathy

✔ we treat all with dignity and courtesy


✔ we encourage a sense of community and good neighbourliness

✔ we appreciate the individuality of every human being

✔ we aim to reflect the diversity of the local communities we serve

✔ we are proud of and celebrate our 600-year-old heritage and our roots


✔ we act with professionalism in everything we do

✔ we continuously develop and improve the services we provide

✔ we collaborate with others for the best results

✔ we manage the charities in accordance with the highest standards of governance


✔ we are approachable and listen to and value all those we come into contact with

✔ we communicate transparently, welcoming and responding positively and efficiently to feedback

✔ we work pragmatically, applying the simplest and most practical solutions to challenges

✔ we allocate accommodation and grants on the basis of objective assessments


✔ we manage our resources to safeguard our financial inheritance and secure the long-term future of the charities

✔ we are ever-conscious of the need to champion and protect the environment

✔ we nurture our internal and external relationships to deliver long-term impact and outcomes

✔ we value, support and invest in our staff and Directors, learning and adapting as individuals and as an organisation

our values