How to apply for accomodation

If you are interested in living at the Elis David or Mary Tate’s Almshouses, please follow the steps below. You are welcome to give us a call if you have any queries.

1. Check whether you are eligible to be a resident

Please check before you apply that you meet the criteria to be a resident at our almshouses. You can apply to be a resident if you are:

  • 60 years and over but may consider applicants at 55 years if other criteria are met
  • generally be retired from work or not working
  • have a permanent right to residency in the UK
  • be currently living in the London Borough of Croydon, or in the ancient Parish of Mitcham
  • be of limited financial means and be living in modest circumstances
  • have a housing need and would benefit from the support of sheltered housing
  • living independently or with the support of the health service and/or social services if necessary at the time of application; and
  • willing to participate in the almshouse community.

2. Register your interest in applying

Please register your interest by telephoning or emailing our Manager, 020 8688 2649 You will need to provide contact details and state whether your enquiry is for the almshouses at Croydon or Mitcham. The Manager will then advise you whether there are vacant units, and check you meet the initial requirements.

3. Visit

If you meet these requirements and there is a current or future vacancy, we will invite you to visit us and have a look around the almshouses before we ask for a formal application to be completed. This visit is to ensure that you understand the nature of almshouse accommodation, and that it is suitable for your needs and expectations (as well as to explain our own expectations). Our Manager will arrange an appointment with you for this visit.

4. Interview and application form

If you wish to proceed, you will then be asked to fill in our application form and return it to Chief Executive Officer. This will require you to provide:

  • financial information
  • next of kin details
  • GP and relevant references
  • information on any special circumstances
  • reasons for making the application and wishing to move.

We will then arrange to visit you in your current home; this will be by our Manager and one of our Directors, or by two Directors. The final decision on your application will rest with the Directors of Croydon Almshouse Charities.