How we run the Charity

Legal structure

The Croydon Almshouse Charities is a registered charity (Number 204963). It is run in accordance with a Scheme of the Charity Commission dated 1 October 2013.

The charity is run by a Trust Corporation, The Croydon Almshouse Charities Trustee Company Limited, which was incorporated on 28 June 2013 (Company Number 8589455).

The charity’s properties and investments are held by the company, which through its Directors has overall responsibility for the management of the charities.

The Croydon Relief in Need Charities is also registered (Number 810114). It is administered and managed subject to and in conformity with the provisions of a Scheme dated 27 September 1974, as varied by a Scheme dated 11 January 1984. A new Scheme is currently pending.

For further information see the Charity Commission website

The Board

The Board has overall responsibility for the way the charities are run. It may comprise up to 20 Directors.

One Director is nominated for a four-year term by the Mercers' Company of the City of London; two Directors are nominated for four-year terms by Croydon Council; and three serve in their capacities as the Vicar of Croydon and the Churchwardens of the Ecclesiastical Parish of St John the Baptist, Croydon.

There are currently 11 other co-opted Directors on the Board. They are appointed for five-year terms by the Board, and must be resident or work in the London Borough of Croydon or Ancient Parish of Mitcham or otherwise have special knowledge of those areas.

The Board operates through committees that oversee specific aspects of the charities' operations: finance and property, operational matters and staffing.

The Directors

The current Directors of the company are listed here - click on the categories below for details:

Mr Chris Clementi ACIB

Director nominated by The Mercers’ Company of the City of London.

Chris Clementi started his career advising on personal taxation, and spent most of his working life in the marketing of financial services. He specialised in the technical aspects of UK unit trusts and investment funds managed from outside the UK.

Mr Martin Evans CPFA

Martin Evans is a retired Chartered Public Finance Accountant, and formerly Managing Director of the Audit Commission.

Mrs Diana Harries

Diana Harries is now retired and was Secretary/PA to the Chief Executive of The Church of England Pensions Board. She was born and bred in Croydon and, although no longer a resident, is still much involved in its voluntary sector.

Mrs Diana Hemmings

Diana Hemmings has been on the Board of Trustees/Directors for 7 years. She is a Southwark Pastoral Auxiliary at Croydon Minster and also works at Old Palace of John Whitgift School.

Mrs Deborah Knight

Deborah Knight has recently retired after working as a Registered Dietitian for the NHS. A large part of the work was with older people including those in residential care.

Mrs Caroline Melrose

Caroline Melrose has worked in both public and private organisations as an HR professional (FCIPD), and has lived in the Croydon Borough for the last 30 years.

Mrs Lynda Talbot

Lynda Talbot is a trained and experienced teacher, who has lived in Croydon since 1974, working with various groups of disadvantaged adults in a number of centres throughout the borough, in addition to undertaking a wide variety of other voluntary work.

Mr John Tough

John Tough has a background in the retail profession, beginning with store management at Marks & Spencer, followed by setting up a chain of charity shops for the Spastics Society, and then Head of Retail at the British Red Cross

Mrs Carol Trower

Carol Trower has a background in healthcare, and was for a short while the Manager at Elis David Almshouses, before becoming a Trustee / Director of the charity in 1989.

Mr Paul Smith

Paul Smith is a retired teacher who also worked as both Key Stage Co-ordinator and Work Related Learning Manager for many years in Croydon schools.

Ms Sue Woolley

Sue Woolley is a retired State Registered Occupational Therapist, Organisational Development Consultant and Senior NHS Manager with wide ranging experience of providing mental health, learning disability and community.

Revd David Pennells

Revd Pennells had a successful career in day care and residential settings for older people. He helped commission a specialist care home for people with dementia and also worked with people with physical disabilities. He then moved into social care regulation, with Croydon Council and subsequently with the Care Quality Commission and its predecessors. More recently he undertook full-time theological training, and in 2015 became the Vicar of St Peter & St Paul, Mitcham, where Mary Tate is buried.

Councillor Andrew Pelling

The Labour Member for Waddon Ward in Croydon

Councillor Joy Prince

The Labour Member for Waddon Ward in Croydon

Mrs Karen Ip: Churchwarden

Karen Ip was formerly a Technical Author, Graphic Designer and Chairperson of a small charity supporting older people in Croydon. She is now a Careers Adviser working in schools and a Churchwarden at Croydon Minster.

Miss Gail Winter: Churchwarden

Gail Winter is a career Civil Servant with a background in Human Resources. She is a Churchwarden at Croydon Minster and Chairperson of the St Edmund’s Charity in Croydon.

Our staff

Donald Douglas is the Chief Executive Officer and Company Secretary for the charities. Tessa Damer is the Finance and Admin Manager.

The day to day running of the almshouses in Croydon and Mitcham is the responsibility of the Manager, Janet Foster. She is supported by the Deputy Manager Michelle Mullane, and three Housing Support staff.

Our ex-Chairman Noel Hepworth with a resident of Elis David Almshouses outside Ramsey Court.